Special appreciation to the resources, friends and team mates who have allowed images licensed for our projects to be presented on the Image Research Team web site: 

Jean Paul Ferrero,  Endangered deer , Palawan Islands,  http://www.ardea.com  

Tom & Pat Leeson  African Elephant Bull , Palawan Islands,  http://www.ardea.com  

Michael Calderwood,   Tlaltecuhtli , Palawan Islands,  http://www.cwoodfoto.com

Lindt & Springli, Switzerland 

Tuskegee University Archives,  Carver opening mail, Farmer with cabbages, Carver and large painting;  http://www.tuskegee.edu/librarie

Jean Clottes (Chauvet Cave Scientific Team), Cave art depicting lions in Chauvet cave  

Carver and large painting;   http://www.tuskegee.edu/librarie  

Michel Zabe,  Aztec Obsidian Mask

Jean Clottes (Chauvet Cave Scientific Team),  Cave art depicting lions in Chauvet cave 

Kevin Schafer,  Endangered Island Fox, http://www.kevinschafer.com

Simpson College Archives,  George Washington Carver at Iowa State College; Simpson College Archives 

Ryerson & Burnham Libraries,  Aztec Fountain, "Fuente del Salta del Agua" 

engraving from 1869 edition of Mexico y sus alrededores, 972 M611

George Washington Carver National Monument,  Carver’s drawing of Aunt Mariah’s home 

Deborah Van Kirk and Doug Brooks graduated from the prestigous Brooks Institute of Photographic Arts & Sciences in Santa Barbara, California. With degrees in illustrative photography and motion picture, a studio was born. Working with talented and creative art directors and designers, a reputation was quickly  noted for beautiful imagery produced and delivered on schedule and within budget.